The Orchard Project is bringing community orchards to cities and towns across the country.

We are re-fruiting the country, working in partnership with communities to plant, manage, restore and harvest from their own orchards. We rebuild orcharding skills, celebrate orchard heritage and contribute to a better, locally-led food system.

We’ve just launched a new membership scheme.

Join us now to help create and restore more community orchards across the country.

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  • 7 great films from the 2018 Leeds Orchard Prizes

    June 12, 2018 - In January we gave out 7 prizes to winners of the 2018 Leeds Orchard Prizes: Irene Wilmut (from Killingbeck Community Orchard) for “outstanding volunteering contribution by an individual”. Bedford Fields Community Forest Garden for “excellent orchard tree care”. Kirkstall Valley Nature Reserve for “encouraging bio-diversity in the orchard”. West Park Fields for “amazing community event”. Read More

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  • Widening to Wakefield

    May 14, 2018 - For the last 3 years we have been working intensively in the Leeds area and helped 12 communities plant new community orchards. Practically every month we’ve also discovered a community orchards we hadn’t heard over and so there are now Read More

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  • planting an orchard

    Planting your orchard

    - What could be more exciting than planting an orchard for generations to enjoy? Our guide will make sure your trees are cosseted and your event a success.