The Orchard Project is bringing community orchards to cities and towns across the country.

We are re-fruiting the country, working in partnership with communities to plant, manage, restore and harvest from their own orchards. We rebuild orcharding skills, celebrate orchard heritage and contribute to a better, locally-led food system.

We're crowdfunding to save our community cider hub. Can you help?

Help us continue rescuing London’s unwanted fruit and turning it into scrumptious cider.

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  • Our Crowdfunding campaign is now live!

    November 7, 2018 - What could be better enjoying than a delicious drink of handcrafted, community-made, locally sourced cider, while reducing food waste at the same time? Not many beverages can claim to be upskilling the local community and rescuing London’s neglected fruit. And few have the unique surprise element that our Local Fox cider boosts: each fermenting batch Read More

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  • Crocus flowers

    Plant Spring Bulbs in London orchard

    November 1, 2018 - Help us make the orchard at Agnes Riley Gardens even more beautiful by planting spring bulbs such as daffodil, crocus and grape hyacinth in among the fruit trees. Children, parents and others welcome. Tools provided.

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  • How to Make Cider and be a Food Waste Hero!

    November 7, 2018 - Every year thousands of tonnes of apples go to waste in orchards and gardens. Too ugly for the supermarkets, the waste on the farms is even greater with an estimated 10-15% of all commercially grown fruit and veg being thrown Read More

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  • pruning an apple tree

    Pruning apple trees

    - There are lots of ways to shape fruit trees depending on the priorities of the grower and the space available but pruning is not just about pretty forms. Pruning can help trees to fight off infections by allowing for good ventilation and should encourage your trees to produce more fruit.